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Harmony Desk is a flexible tool that helps you visually structure your business logic and processes in companies, departments, and roles.
Harmony Desk is a tool that helps the team communicate in one business language.
With the help of the Harmony Desk, you can organize every unit in an organizational structure. You will build a comprehensive processes map, taking into account
all important parameters related
with your activity.
Each block in the tool is logically thought out, located in its place, and reflects the process nature of the organization's activity.

At the center of the diagram is the management core - a set of blocks where important information is recorded that is necessary to control and coordinate work.
The main feature of the Harmony Desk
are the control cores.
These are hidden blocks that are used to
more depth description of manage parameters.

Version 1.0 includes:

  • The core of related tasks;
  • The core of competencies;
  • Innovation core;
  • Risk management core.

If you wish, you can add your own blocks that are important specifically for your business.
What is Problem Solving?
Different departments within a business and different people use different ways of organizing work processes, which can cause the company to experience the following difficulties:
No shared vision of key
component and business objectives.
Lack of understanding of the purpose
activities of certain departments.
Lack of understanding of the importance of doing a particular job.
Lack of responsibility.
Doesn't matter work
Poor work result.
Lack of systemic understanding of what these or those resources are used for.
Lack of systemic understanding for
what competencies are needed.
Lack of understanding of what they are for technologies and innovation used.
For the CEO
The Harmony Desk framework allows you to synchronize a team in a common vision and organize work in the company at all levels of activity in the format 1 organizational entity - 1 sheet of paper.
For the CPO
The Harmony Desk framework allows you to highlight key tasks, technologies, and indicators by which the quality of work will be assessed. This directly affects the responsibility and awareness of employees.
For the HRD
Harmony Desk framework allows you to organize workflows and requirements for employees' skills, reduce the time for training and adaptation.
For the head of departments
The Harmony Desk framework allows you to structure the work in the department, clearly and clearly define areas of responsibility, key tasks, and expectations.
For the head of product
Harmony Desk framework can be used for upper-level modeling of the value offer of new products and key tasks that you need to run.
For the head of compliance
The Harmony Desk framework is the first of its kind to contain the essence of the “Risk Management Core”, which can be used to capture possible negative consequences and ways to minimize them.
For the CDTO
The Harmony Desk framework allows you to fix the innovation, tools, and technologies used in the structure of business processes, taking into account their value for the business, performers, and customers.
For the employee
Down with dry schemes, job descriptions, and regulations. The Harmony Desk framework will allow you to see the essence of your activities from a bird's eye view on a single sheet of paper.
Request a framework
We will send a PDF presentation with detailed information and examples of use.
A comment
The author expresses his deep gratitude to Sergey Khromov-Borisov, strategist, consultant, friend and mentor, for his help in developing the framework, whose meticulousness and deep critical opinion helped to remove unnecessary from the tool and add the necessary.

Thanks to Olha Reznichenko, colleague, head of processes at MEGOGO, for important questions and valuable suggestions. Olga is the first to test ideas, critically comprehend them, and help to do the job even better.

And, of course, thanks to the Institute for Compliance and Business Ethics at the Higher School of Economics, the management team, and students for the opportunity to test the tools in real business problems and receive valuable feedback.
Об авторе
Kirill Kazakov.

Organizational designer, a consultant on business modeling and implementation of end-to-end corporate governance systems. C-level interim manager, a teacher at the Higher School of Economics.

An author of organizational systems and business processes design map DOS&BP

A founder of the Russian service for flexible management of projects and business tasks Unicore.pro
Обучение и сертификация
We believe the Harmony Desk can help companies around the world get their business in order. This may require specialists who understand the logic of the tool and are willing to act as consultants and change providers.

If you share the vision and want to study and become a certified specialist - write to kirill@map-of-design.com

Training takes place on a paid basis, individually or in a group format.
Условия использования
The Harmony Desk recursive framework for consistent structuring of business logic is the result of intellectual activity and is protected by copyright law. We ask you to respect the work.

If you use the tool in order to organize your own activities, you can use it for free and without restrictions.

If you want to use the tool for commercial purposes (training, integration into information systems), please contact the author by mail at kirill@map-of-design.com
You can support the author. For example, share the framework on social networks
or in correspondence with colleagues and friends.

If you know foreign languages and can help with translation
- I will be grateful for your assistance.

If you are an IT developer and can help with the integration of the framework
into various information systems - I would be grateful for your assistance.

Email: kirill@map-of-design.com
Обратная связь
If you see a typo, error, there are notes on the main blocks or cores;
maybe you have ideas for improving the tool - write to kirill@map-of-design.com.

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interesting topics related to management and organizational design.